Today we began working on our sites. Most of us are painting while a few are building wheelchair ramps, decks, and repairing fascia boards. Kelly and Jayme are working at the same site and spent the day in a cherry picker painting the eaves of their house. They were very excited about this opportunity to work together! Jim’s resident is a single woman with 14 kids, 8 biological and 6 adopted. His crew is painting a house that has not been painted for 50+ years! Typically the first day is not very productive because we get a late start due to a morning service, and we spend a lot of time developing a plan of attack. Today, however, seemed to be a very productive day for most crews. Christy’s crew is repairing some molding, painting a few rooms, and painting the garage floor. She estimates that her crew will finish at their site tomorrow. We’ll see what some of the other campers are doing as the week progresses.

Yesterday, there was a sign-up sheet for a 3-on-3 basketball tournament. We tried to get the youth to put a team together and when they did not, the adults enter a squad of their own. Team “If you ain’t Dutch, you ain’t much” consist of Larry, Lynn, Platte, Diane, and Dan. Our first game was this afternoon. The game started off very close, but in the end, the adults whooped a considerably younger team by a final of 11-5. Tomorrow’s competition will be much tougher but don’t count these fogies out…yet.

We were all pleasantly surprised when Andy Ingram showed up following tonight’s evening program. Andy has come to camp in the past for a few days at a time and it is always great to have him around. We’re not sure how long he’ll be staying but we are trying to convince him to stay through Wednesday afternoon when we will visit the Air Force museum. It’s great to have Andy back after a two year hiatus! Tomorrow, we will continue to make progress both spiritually and at our sites. We have had some great evening devotions and hope you are following along with your guides. Keep the Faith!