Today was a half day of work for all of the workcampers and Faith Pres. celebrated by having museum day! Our first stop was the Wright Brothers’ bicycle shop in downtown Dayton. In this shop, Orville and Wilbur Wright began explored the idea of flight. Our second stop was the Nation Museum of the United States Air Force. This 3 hangar museum had an incredible collection of airplanes. The 200+ planes included an SR-71, a Stealth Bomber, a Stealth fighter, a Japanese Zero, and countless other aircraft from the past 100 years. Apparently there is a photo of Andy Ingram’s grandfather in the museum but we were unable to find it. Had we not been limited to and hour and a half at the museum, we certainly would have fulfilled this goal.

We returned to the school in time for the Workcamp Variety Show. I should say, the Faith Variety Show! Of the 21 auditions, 7 acts were chosen and 3 of those acts were performed by Faith workcampers. Justin was first up from Faith and he played an original piano composition. As always, he did a fantastic job and had the crowd on their feet. Andrew followed with a heart felt rendition of “Taps” on his trumpet. As a first time participant in the Variety Show, it was great to see how confident he was in his abilities and he certainly nailed the performance! Jayme, Mark, Christy, Kelly, Will, and Leigh performed a skit called Harry Potter Puppet Pals. There is a YouTube video that this skit was based on. The skit was quite comical and most of the other youth campers seemed to recognize the skit. I’m sure they can be talked into performing again in Emmaus! Faith Pres. was certainly well represented and we are so proud of the youth for their active participation and for having the confidence to step outside of the box!

Tomorrow, we return to our work sites for a complete day. We’re past the half way point already and there is still a lot of work to be done both spiritually and on the sites. Please follow those devotion guides and keep us in your prayers. Keep the Faith!