For a few years Lynn and Papa H have been trying to remember a “penguin dance” they learned at a previous Workcamp. Thanks to Jack and Meghan, we all now know the dance! The group- is planning on teaching gthe rest of the camp the dance at the variety show on Wednesday.

Besides becoming an expert on penguin dances, Jack has also managed to become an expert on pirates and nickname creation. You will soon be able to see the explination of the chipmunk, aka papa h. It has been fun watching Jack, Phil, and Josh work together and easily interact with people from all over the country.

Today we went to our sites for the first time and met our residents. Carole spent the day on top of a roof. To say it was hot would be an understatement. It was so hot that Carole’s boots melted and the soles will forever be on that roof…

Today’s theme focused on selfishness. It spawned a lot of great conversation at tonight’s youth group devotions and hopefully we will continue to build on what wer have worked on today.

Tomorrow we will continue to work at the sites grow together. Until then, keep the faith!