Today, many important things happened. Many of the crews were able to finish at their work sites today enabling them to go to other sites and help even more people. Many people had a god sighting in the form of food from the residents, which was great considering the small amount of food we are given here. Katie also had a big god sighting, which was that her resident has had cancer twice, a hip replacement, two strokes, and several other things, but she still found enough strength and will power to be able to talk and pray with Katie and her crew. Once we got back from the work sites, Josh noticed he had some paint in his hair, so he decided to shave his head. Jack, Phil, Mark, and Dan all had a blast cutting off and shaving his head in the bathroom over the sink. With aerodynamic Josh ready to go, the group went to the evening program. Tonight, however, was special because it was cry night. The entire group had a chance to think of their lives and their relationships with God. There was a lot of crying, but more importantly there was a lot comforting among the group, which shows how close this church family really is.