I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world. - Mary Anne Radmacher

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If You're Not Shaking, Have Another Cup

Day 2 – Really struggling to get Internet access…

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Aunt Polly, with the Candlestick, in the Conservatory

Cell service is spotty at best… Expect post in the AM once we leave the school. Here’s Day 1!

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The video recap of this summer’s trip to Middletown, OH.

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You&'re So Close You're Practically Sniffing the Artwork

Day 8 saw the first leg of our trip home and we are spending the night in Pitsburgh, PA! Watch as Mark and Lynn walk us through the day!

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“I’m So Tired I Can’t Even Spell Go”

We finished up at our sites today and said goodbye to our residents and work crews. A Bittersweet day for sure. Tomorrow we head to Pittsburgh for the day befor...

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I Wish I Could Swim in the Sky and Use the Clouds as Floaties

Today, we were back to the sites for a full day of work. A few crews are finishing up at their sites and we all hope to have a productive day tomorrow. Tonight,...

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“Don’t Eat the Paint Chips and Wash Your Elbows”

Day 5 – What a great day in Middletown! The weather has finally cooled off to the mid 80’s and we had a half day of work. This afternoon we toured the BeauVerre...

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“Jack Doesn’t Sleep, He Floats”

Day 4 – Today saw a very productive day on the work sites, scorching heat, an emotional evening program, and much, much more… Check out tonight’s video which op...

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“Everyone Poops”

Day 3 – First day on the work sites so we met our residents and saw the job descriptions in person. This camp seems to have a really great group of hard-working...

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Chill Buddies

Day 2 and we’ve arrived at our home for the week, Vail Middle School.

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