Connecting to the internet has proved to be incredibly difficult here in Somerville, TN. The absence of a wired or wireless connection and lack of cell phone service has made uploading all but impossible. Hopefully, we’ll be able to update the website soon and if you are reading this, we have been successful!

We departed Cookeville, TN early this morning and arrived in Somerville, TN around noon. We were the first group to arrive and therefore the first to hit the showers. I’m sure they will be more crowded tomorrow… The Faith ladies are sharing their sleeping quarters with a group from Kenosha, WI and the guys are with a group from East Lansing, MI. Strangely enough, Faith has attended workcamps in both of these towns! At the arrival program this afternoon, Mark and Andy presented our Pink Cadillac to the camp. There are quite a few tires decorated in interesting fashions but we can certain be proud of our creation and how it stacks up against the rest. Mark and Will then led off camp by giving the daily announcements in a most amusing fashion. Will followed that performance by reading the days scripture verses (Philippians 2:1-2). Melanie, Emily, and Kelly helped lead the camp in song during the evening service. Christy fits into the group as though she has been attending for years. On Wednesday, Greg will be playing the bass and Jayme the drums during the evening program. Seeing the first time campers take an active role at such an early stage was certainly the highlight of the day. Their enthusiasm is inspiring to us all and we look forward to seeing how each of them grow throughout the week. One does not know what to expect heading into their first workcamp. It is a humbling experience to put aside all of life’s creature comforts and sleep on a classroom floor, eat cafeteria food for 20 consecutive meals, and spend time with 375 strangers. But soon you start to realize that you are not dependent on as many items as you thought you were and and you start to take the time to realize what is really important and why we are here. The focus of a Group workcamp is spiritual growth and I think this week is going to be especially powerful for all of us as we take notice of the importance Christ plays in our lives.

We met our work crews this evening and were assigned our jobs for the week. For the most part, everyone will be doing both carpentry work as well as painting. As the week progresses we’ll fill you in on individual work caper’s experiences.

Our devotions this evening were fantastic! We spend a lot of time discussing love and it’s role in pop culture society and how that is both similar and different to authentic love. Once again, having 8 new campers and 8 new perspectives adds a new dimension and has stimulated some excellent conversation.

Tomorrow we head to our work sites for the first time. Big Jim is the first Faith Pres. member to attend camp as staff and he will be driving to 7 different sites to help crews with their projects. I think we are all ready to get out in the community and spread God’s love. Until tomorrow, God Bless and keep the Faith!