Today we finally made it to our work sites and introduced ourselves to our residents. Interaction with residents is always varied and this year is no exception. Greg’s resident immediately joined in to help his crew with home repairs while Eric’s resident spent the day at her mother’s house across the street.

Larry, Mark, and Platte were all on the losing end of wasp encounters today. Platte was the worst off after being stung 3 times while repairing a few boards outside the house. Steph L. avoided the wasp and had a very productive work day. Her crew painted almost and entire house and should complete their site by Wednesday. Lynn crew wis installing over 200 pavers and a wheelchair ramp so their resident can go outside. Their day did not go as smoothly as Steph’s but they certainly worked hard in the heat. Justin’s crew is getting along fabulously and their porch is well on it’’s way to completion.

Tonight’s evening devotions focused on how we are here to serve and not to judge. Often, it is the healing of a residents soul that really matters and not necessarily the physical work that is completed. While this evenings devotions were long, they were certainly productive and everyone took an active role. Simply being surrounded by 400 active Christian youth has been a powerful experience for us all, especially the new workcampers. Hearing their stories and seeing them interact and be changed by this experience is much more visible than you might think. Many of us have spent time together in church but have never sat down and talked about our faith. Yesterday, while devotions were good, it was mainly the old timers leading the discussion. Today, the youth really got involved and brought forth ideas and perceptions that are incredible refreshing.

Tomorrow we will continue to work hard at our sites to accomplish the task set before us, whatever they might be. Until then, God bless and keep the Faith!