Today was a half day of work. We all joined together for the morning program. Doug Fields talked about Little Ralphie (The boy that supplied the bread and fish for Jesus to feed the crowd of 5,000.) With the classic “get ‘er done” from our MC Blair, we were off to our sites for another exciting day of work. Jackie’s resident originally was not very religious. However, for the first time today he talked directly to God in prayer. Rachel continued to work on her roof while standing on a ladder. She continued to show her great working strength just for her first year. Christy’s resident turned 66 today. They got her a cake and they sang to her. Justin a.k.a J-Money’s double crew leader has a son that plays basketball for the New York Knicks. Platte also known as P got an unexpected call when he returned from our trip. He thought it would be his wife but he found that it was Papa H. He gave Platte a verbal care card which brightened his day. Mark went to Diane’s sight to help work on the roof and helped clean shingles and debris. Both Mark and Diane had their picture’s featured in the slide show. Lynn started and finished a new project today and has been moving efficiently in her tasks.

We returned from work at 12:30 today and after everyone was showered up, we went to a mysterious location to spend the afternoon. It turned out that the location was the Carolyn Benner’s sister’s house, the Fairchilds. The pool was a big hit which included aquatic silent football and resulted in a miracle, Mr. Dictactor a.k.a Dan lost along with Will and Kelly. Their punishment will be determined later. The inner tubes and noodles were very popular. P showed the Workcampers a dive called the Watermelon which became an instant classic as Grady nailed it every time. Around 5, it started to rain and dinner was served. The chicken was immensely popular especially to Jackie, Leigh, Christy, Jayme, Meghan, and Rachel who loved the chicken so much that they developed British accents… After a nice stay, we returned to the school. After, a nice snoze for Dan and Platte, the evening program started. The Variety Show was great even though Faith did not have a representative this year. Will and Mark participated in an evening skit showing how God’s love can multiply. While Will’s character calls Mark’s a doofus, that doofus who earns a penny and has it double for a month will gain over 5 million dollars. So then around 8:30 the group was told by Blair that Jesus had fed 5,000 people not including women and children. Blair had said that he only had a half of a bagel. We were all amazed to see if every single workcamper would be fed. The truth is that Blair and the red shirts were able to feed everyone in the gym. Surprisingly there were three chuncks of bagels left. WOW! After the evening program we then sat down for devotions. We had a really great discussion about how love can multiply. Another event that happened today was that Andy Ingram came to visit us at the high school. He plans to visit some of the sites tomorrow. Also, their is a rumor that Lynn may join Dan’s group. We’re just as interested as you are. We will keep you updated on that. We are all loving out loud here in St. Louis, Michigan. Until then, keep the faith!