Greetings, fellow blog readers. Once again, there were numerous events that took place today at Workcamp. Today was the big day aka Thursday. Thursday’s theme was Love Out Loud: Forgives. After hearing our favorite youth leader, other than Dan of course, Doug Fields gave us a ten minute speech on forgiveness. He told the story of how a shooting occurred at an Amish community. The boys and men were forced out of the school and the girls were shot at. Only two girls survived. However, to the entire world’s surprise, the Amish people forgave the man that killed their children and also prayed for the killer’s wife. How the Amish were able to forgive the killer was the main theme of the story. With a happy birthday celebration, we were off once again for our work sites. Mr. Ingram was here today for a visit. The adults especially Dan were absolutely overjoyed since he brought them their coffee. He came to all of our sites with a handy video camera. He was like a God sighting for Leigh. Her adult leader had to leave with their van in order to attend to an injury so she was unable to leave her site. She was especially worried because she was the organizer of the ever popular dodgeball tournament. However with Mr. Ingram, anything is possible. He arrived at Leigh’s site to take her and three other of her crew members back to the school. Grady had a marvelous God sighting. He was worried that he would be unable to finish his work on time. However, when he arrived at his site this morning, he found that the porch was worked on further. This really helped out his crew. Lynn has been superman. She has gotten through many projects so far this week. She also went dumpster diving. We don’t get it either. Lauren has a roofing job and enjoys hanging out with the crew. She is doing a great job and working hard. She has another crew with her so she has a triple crew now. Karen was skirting on a trailer and they were digging trenches but they did not have the under pitting. However, their site coach was able to help by providing panels. Jackie went up to report a God shighting. Her resident bought her crew some pizza. She was the only volunteer to get up on the ladder to help put in the gutter. Tyler, while very nervous reported a God sighting. After he returned from work, one of the site coaches appeared in a blue dune buggy and stated he was the owner of seven eleven and gave Tyler and his crew free coupons for a slurpy. It doesn’t get much better than that. Mrs. Millick was overwhelmed at the fact her crew had little roofing experience. However, help came as another crew arrived and the leader was a roofer. She was very pleased to hear this. Jayme put on her big girl pants as she wanted to invite her resident to come and join the group for devotions. Her group never asked the resident and Jayme took initiative. She also asked her resident to join them in Friday’s evening program. They will likely finish tomorrow. Christy is a little down with the inside of her crazy cat house and decided to finish painting outside. She will likely finish tomorrow. Kelly had three turn-a-rounds and wheelchair ramps to complete. Her leader was asked if he would like another crew to join them but he said I have never gotten a job done with more than one crew and I’m not about to start now! Mrs. Decker completed her wheelchair ramp and her resident walked on it which Lisa thought was very fun to see. Today’s evening program was all about the story of the woman who was caught of adultery. While it looks like she was about to be stoned to death, Jesus said only a man who has not sinned can cast the first stone. No man could and they all left. Jesus forgave her and told her to sin no more. The Workcampers were asked to get a rock from their work site and bring it with them to the evening program. It represented our sin and we had to decide to either hold on to it or cast it into the box of sand that was on the floor near the big cross. We all took the time in silence to decide what to do with our rock. Tonight’s evening program was very powerful and emotional. Mark had participated tonight with reading from the bible. Afterwards we all sat down outside the school and had our daily devotions. The group all had an amazing conversation about why forgiveness is really important to God. We came up with some great answers. In the end we all had a fantastic day today and we hope that you did too. Tomorrow is our last day of work, so we will be looking forward to another great day to ‘get ‘er done! Until then, Keep the Faith.