This morning started with a late wake-up call of 8:30. Don’t get used to it campers! We headed to a wonderful little diner, Betty’s, for breakfast, the hottest spot in town! We wore our Peep shirts all day and the amount of questions we received regarding them was astounding! What a wonderful opportunity to spread God’s word to the community of Shepherdstown!

We attended the morning worship service at Shepherdstown Presbyterian. A very welcoming congregation that was thrilled we had come to their neighborhood to do the Lord’s work. The church still has their original pews which have no nails and are entirely tongue and groove and dovetail joints. Awesome!

We arrived at camp at noon and checked into our rooms. The girls are pumped to have their own room at the school. They guys will have the opportunity to bond with many other campers as they are sleeping in the “great room” with 55 others… Thankfully the church is air conditioned.

We had a few God sightings today but one that stands out regards the Peeps. A few weeks ago, Leigh had the idea to use Peeps as a part of our t-shirts this year and the idea eventually evolved to “Servin’ with my Peeps.” The idea was shown to Platte who mentioned he had a contact at Just Born and after a few phone calls, Just Born decided to send us with enough Peeps to feed the entire camp. When we first checked in, it was mentioned to us that there would be no t-shirts to hand out to the campers until Wednesday. Typically the shirts are handed out following the 1st program and since there are no shirts, the crew has been agonizing about what to give the campers. Procratination eventually won out as no alternative plan was made. 15 minutes before the program, Rachael spoke to the camp director of our plan to hand out the Peeps and they could not believe that their unfulfilled need was been filled. What a great experience for all of the campers to hand out the Peeps and represent the Valley. Plus. it was fun to listen to all the capers give their best “peep” sound before receiving their Peeps! It’s amazing how so many simple acts fit into God’s larger plan!

Tonight we met our crews and and found out what our jobs will be for the week. We have many carpentry jobs. One of which is a giant wheelchair ramp being construted by a double crew cosisting of both Chad and Jayme. Andrew, Larry, and Katie are also working on porches and ramps. Sounds like many of the homes we will be working on are trailers as there is a lot of underpitting scheduled.

Tomorrow we will head to the work sites for the first time, meet our residents, and start to see the tangible signs of our service. Until then, keep the Faith!