Today was our first day on the work sites and we had the opportunity to meet our residents and bond with our crews. As a whole, this camp is comprised of a wonderful group of youth and adults. Other than a kid on Rachael’s crew refusing to wear shoes, I don’t think there was a single camper issue today on the sites. Instead, it was a day where many residents were eager to share their personal stories. Our theme for the day was “Hope for the Poor” and our focus was on the spiritually poor, however, our real world experiences saw a different kind of poor. Many of our residents are in dire need of help. Tyler’s resident has been told she will have to leave her home if she doesn’t make the necessary repairs. With limited physical and financial resources, she had little hope that she would be able to remain in her home. Having Group Workcamps contact her was a “God Sighting” she will never forget and it sounds like today was a day the campers will remember for quite some time.

Today also saw the introduction of Care Cards, possitive notes of affirmation that we write for those that have an influence on our week. Taking thie time to think about these possitive influences is something we sometimes fail to do in our daily lives. It’s an exercise in focusing on the half of the glass that is full.

At this evening’s program, Mark played the lead in a modern day adaptation of Jesus asking the rich man to give up all his possessions. As always, Mark did a great job and we were all so proud of him!

Tomorrow we will return to our sites for another full day of work. Jayme and Chad have another 8 post holes to dig before constructing their massive wheelchair ramp. Lisa will finish digging holes for their porch and will begin construction. Joey will finish scraping and begin painting the outside of his resident’s home. We’ll check in tomorrow and examine how God’s word has worked through us. Until then, keep the Faith!