Dear AM,

Today was a day that reminded us of the past. Justin “J-Money” Yen called this afternoon and was able to speak to quite a few of us campers. We deeply miss his presence but he has been staying connected through the blog. Jon Yen was also a part of our day. During the evening slideshow, a picture of Leigh was on the screen as she was scrapping the house. The name on the scraper, Jon Yen. It made us think of all the campers that have been able to participate in this program and the number of places that scraper has visited.

Will used a power saw for the first time today. When he returned to camp, he informed us of this and what a difference it made on the progress of the job. Then pointing to his fingers he said “Look, I still have all 10 digits!” Papa H also made the slideshow in his now infamous photo; standing proudly behind a young camper wielding a power saw he or she has learned to use during the week.

Lynn’s resident came out to talk to the leaders on her site this morning and told them that the power was going to be shut off today due to a lack of payment. The crew got together to pray about the situation. A loss of power would result in the loss of using power tools and would basically stop all progress. So far, the power is still on… Hopefully that will be the situation tomorrow as well.

Both Papa H and Katie’s residents have young children and today, both fathers said they had never seen their boys so happy. It’s amazing what a little bit of time spent with some of these residents will do to their overall confidence and happiness.

At this evening’s program, Mark and Will were a part of a skit that dealt with a football coach giving all of the tools needed to be a successfull football player to the current quarterback. When the big time in the game came to be, the quarterback froze, or was held captive, by his fear. The guys did a great job as always!

Tomorrow we will have a half day of work and some visitors from home. Hopefully the break will rejuvinate our minds, souls, and bodies. Until then, keep the Faith!