Today we had a half day and we spent it at Greenbriar State Park. (aka Muscle Beach) We had some fun in the liquid sun as we held some relay races and other water games. Following the swimming, we header to the Civil War battlefield of Antiedum. Each day we seem to come across something that reminds us of the vast amount of history that exist in this area. We finished off our free time today by getting some ice cream at Nutters. Delicious!

Rachel had a great story from this morning. Her crew’s adult leader brought his guitar to the work site so they could pray in song. When they starting singing, her resident came outside to join as she knew the words to the songs. This was the first time she had joined them during lunch time devotions and hopefuly will not be the last.

Also, today brought a few visitors to camp. We were able to share some fun times and our experiences with Andy, Grady, Flat Zach, Susan, and Platte. What a great group of visitors and we hope they are able to get a taste of the workcamp experience.

Tomorrow it is back to the sites for a full day’s work and we will explore how Christ has given “Freedom to the Oppressed”. We have had some great devotions and and hope you are following along at home so that we might discuss out spiritual experiences with you when we return. Until tomorrow, keep the Faith!