This morning started off when Papa H and Big Jim headed to find the all important coffee… After making a few stops, they finally ended up at a grocery store and were told the coffee was not worth drinking. A man overheard the conversation and promptly told Papa H and Big Jim to follow him to the coffee promised land. They ended up at Quail Hallow Country Club (the coffee is delicious!) and Arnold Palmer’s buddy provided the coffee for our weary crew.

We left Sharon Presbyterian at 8:00 and had a 5 hour trip to Savannah. Thankfully the trip was uneventful.

Today seemed somewhat chaotic as staying at a college as compared to a high school brings with it quite a number of additional challenges. For one, summer classes are in session. Workcampers trpically stay in an empty school which helps give that secluded, “bubble-like” feel. Here, we are surrounded by students as we are sharing common areas, cafeterias, and in some cases dorms. This evening we discussed how we can view these “challenges” as opportunities. I’m looking forward to the week’s scriptural focus and to see how it comes alive throughout the week. The duality of the theme should fit in nicely and we hope you are following along!

This evening we met our crews and found out our work descriptions and locations for the week. 1/3 of the camp will be working on roofs including Jackie, Meghan, Chad, Papa H, Carole, and Dan. They’ll have to stay hydrated and tOe frequent breaks as the temperature are expected to remain in the mid 90s…

Tomorrow we will head to our worksites for the fist time and meet the residents of the homes. We’ll begin to build new friendships and grow together in our devotions.

We will try and update the photos on the homepage daily. The majority of today’s photos are of Sharon Pres. In Charlotte, NC. Until tomorrow, keep the Faith!